How to make leaflets effective advertising tool?

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6 key rules “working” handbill
Sometimes, to increase the efficiency distributed leaflets enough to make some adjustments to the design of leaflets. However, in some cases, do not need to spend time on it, because poor quality advertising is easier to throw than refined. Leaflets to bring the desired results, at their creation should consider 6 simple rules:
1. First of all, a leaflet, as a tool of advertising, should contain the main idea of ​​the advertising offer (sale of branded things, help in distribution of credits, with the ability to deliver the goods, the announcement of the opening of the new store, etc.). In order to attract the attention of potential customers, even with a relatively long distance Effective listovkipredlozhenie service or product should be allocated the largest font. Still closer to the distributor of leaflets, potential customers will have time to make a decision to take him a flyer or not. If the leaflet will contain a small, almost imperceptible, text passer simply ignore such advertising.
In this case, the key phrases can be arranged in any order, as a passer focuses on the flyer just a few seconds. During this time we can only skim the contents of the leaflets, from which the first eyes to take a large text. But this does not mean that you can often use this method.
2. It is important to summarize the text. To accommodate the huge amount of text on a small leaflet can only be made smaller font. But not everyone will read such a leaflet, as many are doing it in their spare time, for example, to move around in the truck. Besides, someone has vision problems, and someone will not strain your eyes. It is therefore better to select only thing that I would like to convey to the potential buyer, because it is a small advertising leaflet, and not a huge detailed article.

3. On the leaflet must be present “attractive” (huge volumes, favorable currency exchange, free shipping, gift with purchase, etc.) That will motivate passers-by. If we ignore this rule, even people who are interested in the essence of the handbill, most likely, will pass, displaying advertising only a superficial interest. When this font for “attractive” to be less than for the main ideas, but significantly higher than for the rest of the information leaflet.
4. The advertising text in the leaflet should be intuitive and cause positive emotions. Each sentence must contain no more than 6 words that are understandable to everyone. The text should certainly be done easily perceived that deep in his thoughts passerby was able to immediately capture the essence of advertising appeal.

5. Do not use negation and the particle “no” (as in this sentence). And here’s why. Consciousness leads thinks and perceives open any word literally, as if oblivious to the particle “no”. Thus, a passerby scrolls in his head picture of what time to read on the go.
Here is a simple example. What thoughts do you have in your head when you see such a proposal? “Our organization will not disappoint you.” “This air conditioner is never broken.” “With our pills you will not have problems with the stomach.” Do you inspire confidence in such advertising? One entrepreneur has not considered this advice and made a call to action in this way: “Do not forget …”. The result, as you know, was negative. Therefore, this simple rule should be taken into account in the preparation of flyers.
6. The leaflet should have its value. That is, it is important to come up with the reason for which the potential client will keep the leaflet. You can give it a different name, such as “tasting ticket”, “flyer to visit the beauty salon” or “coupon for a discount.”
If the leaflet is designed for the long term and must maintain certain advertising tool listovkivremya before use, you can dilute it with certain valuable data, such as: circuit city subway, calendar, table sizes of rings, shoes or clothes, the list of important phone numbers and addresses, and so on. In this case, it is better to place advertising and important information on the front of the printed product. If do the opposite, when it was placed under glass or glued to the wall, the leaflet will cease to be useful.

An article about the leaflets Part 2

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What is the effect?

It would be complacent to say that propaganda leaflets, political leaflets or flyers like everything. Not at all. Some people are looking at the flyer, dislike or even irritation. However, this does not mean that all the leaflets distributed, for example, in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Perm or ineffective.

It just means that in some cases, people are printing your flyer or write text leaflets, poorly done their job. Agree, such “incidents” occur in the sphere of printing business cards, brochures, posters – and not just when working with leaflets.

In fact, if the leaflets that were released from the press, had no effect, they would have quickly died out “as a genre.” This is not happening? So, with his work leaflets do well. And proof of this is a recent holding ROMIR Monitoring Study: according to a poll of 1,600 people living in 100 cities and towns in Russia, more than 30% of purchases they make through advertising placed in the leaflets.

What is the secret?

You’ve decided that to convey their ideas to the masses you require urgent leaflet? Nothing could be easier. Just before giving his “brainchild” distributors (distributors) leaflets Moscow or another city, make sure that it is an example of high-quality leaflet. In the end, leaflets (as well as booklets, calendars, flyers, catalogs) – a kind of the face of your company. They largely shape the reputation of the advertised object.

Order the leaflet and do not care about the quality of design and printing of flyers – so throw your money away (even taking into account the fact that the offset printing flyers – the most affordable option for cost printed products).

Remember, the order of quality leaflets implies:

The development of a brief but capacious text for flyers

The average person spends on learning leaflets 30 seconds. If during this time he did not have time to catch the main idea and interested in it, then send your message to the dustbin. That is why the focus on one basic position (thesis idea, slogan) – a key requirement for any flyer, no matter she tells about AIDS or advertising a new supermarket.

Manufacturing visually appealing layouts flyers

Forget flyers templates: they must draw so that they were the original cause and the desire to read them. This is important for the production of all printed products – and for brochures, business cards, and flyers. Bright, eye-catching illustrations, nice paper and resistant paint, interesting fonts – these techniques are able to draw attention to the leaflets obtained from the printers.

Also, you should take care of the careful selection of employees to work on the distribution of leaflets. Effect even from the very best flyers will be spoiled if their hand will be involved employees irresponsible appropriate to their work.

And finally: where to order print flyers?

If you need printing services, to print flyers, just come to the printer “color formulas.” You will be offered an urgent offset and digital printing and printing flyers on the most tempting prices.

An article about the leaflets

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Great effect on small advertising

Thousands or even millions of copies printed leaflets daily fly around the world.

Someone get them from persistent distributors of leaflets on the street. Someone read out flyers, left the cafe. Someone finds a pre-election leaflets among the pages of your favorite magazine.
Leaflets have long been part of our lives, which is why it is time to find out what they are, and most importantly, why leaflets received such distribution.

Leaflet – what, where, when?

The main feature of leaflets lies in the title of the printed products. Indeed, no matter what kinds of flyers you do not have, they primarily are small pieces of paper (usually A5 or A6) printed on them, advertising or promotional information.

What is most surprising, some theorists believe advertising that ancestor of leaflets was … rock painting primitive people. According to them, the only difference between these stone creations of modern sample flyers (which massively unstuck on the walls and distributed in cities like Moscow) consists in the fact that they could not take with them. And since all of the requirements (brightness, short presentation, call) is also observed.

Of course, this theory raises many doubts. More familiar to us the form of leaflets appeared since the invention of printing. Booklets, pamphlets, leaflets – on paper, they started to be issued almost immediately, as well as books.

And the printing of leaflets (flyers replication) immediately began to gain rapid momentum. Hundreds of them scattered through the streets, factories and homes. At first they were religious in character, then called for political action (eg, mass strikes), then a winning streak started making flyers.

Today, the creation of leaflets perceived as making one of the main tools of marketing communication. It is widely used as part of special events, exhibitions and presentations.

In this case, advertisers do not skimp on the idea of ​​inventing more and more new solutions for this type of conveying information. Full-color and black-and-white, matte and glossy, bilateral and unilateral, with and without text – species richness flyers to advertise is really amazing!