An article about the leaflets

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Great effect on small advertising

Thousands or even millions of copies printed leaflets daily fly around the world.

Someone get them from persistent distributors of leaflets on the street. Someone read out flyers, left the cafe. Someone finds a pre-election leaflets among the pages of your favorite magazine.
Leaflets have long been part of our lives, which is why it is time to find out what they are, and most importantly, why leaflets received such distribution.

Leaflet – what, where, when?

The main feature of leaflets lies in the title of the printed products. Indeed, no matter what kinds of flyers you do not have, they primarily are small pieces of paper (usually A5 or A6) printed on them, advertising or promotional information.

What is most surprising, some theorists believe advertising that ancestor of leaflets was … rock painting primitive people. According to them, the only difference between these stone creations of modern sample flyers (which massively unstuck on the walls and distributed in cities like Moscow) consists in the fact that they could not take with them. And since all of the requirements (brightness, short presentation, call) is also observed.

Of course, this theory raises many doubts. More familiar to us the form of leaflets appeared since the invention of printing. Booklets, pamphlets, leaflets – on paper, they started to be issued almost immediately, as well as books.

And the printing of leaflets (flyers replication) immediately began to gain rapid momentum. Hundreds of them scattered through the streets, factories and homes. At first they were religious in character, then called for political action (eg, mass strikes), then a winning streak started making flyers.

Today, the creation of leaflets perceived as making one of the main tools of marketing communication. It is widely used as part of special events, exhibitions and presentations.

In this case, advertisers do not skimp on the idea of ​​inventing more and more new solutions for this type of conveying information. Full-color and black-and-white, matte and glossy, bilateral and unilateral, with and without text – species richness flyers to advertise is really amazing!