An article about the leaflets Part 2

by admin

What is the effect?

It would be complacent to say that propaganda leaflets, political leaflets or flyers like everything. Not at all. Some people are looking at the flyer, dislike or even irritation. However, this does not mean that all the leaflets distributed, for example, in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Perm or ineffective.

It just means that in some cases, people are printing your flyer or write text leaflets, poorly done their job. Agree, such “incidents” occur in the sphere of printing business cards, brochures, posters – and not just when working with leaflets.

In fact, if the leaflets that were released from the press, had no effect, they would have quickly died out “as a genre.” This is not happening? So, with his work leaflets do well. And proof of this is a recent holding ROMIR Monitoring Study: according to a poll of 1,600 people living in 100 cities and towns in Russia, more than 30% of purchases they make through advertising placed in the leaflets.

What is the secret?

You’ve decided that to convey their ideas to the masses you require urgent leaflet? Nothing could be easier. Just before giving his “brainchild” distributors (distributors) leaflets Moscow or another city, make sure that it is an example of high-quality leaflet. In the end, leaflets (as well as booklets, calendars, flyers, catalogs) – a kind of the face of your company. They largely shape the reputation of the advertised object.

Order the leaflet and do not care about the quality of design and printing of flyers – so throw your money away (even taking into account the fact that the offset printing flyers – the most affordable option for cost printed products).

Remember, the order of quality leaflets implies:

The development of a brief but capacious text for flyers

The average person spends on learning leaflets 30 seconds. If during this time he did not have time to catch the main idea and interested in it, then send your message to the dustbin. That is why the focus on one basic position (thesis idea, slogan) – a key requirement for any flyer, no matter she tells about AIDS or advertising a new supermarket.

Manufacturing visually appealing layouts flyers

Forget flyers templates: they must draw so that they were the original cause and the desire to read them. This is important for the production of all printed products – and for brochures, business cards, and flyers. Bright, eye-catching illustrations, nice paper and resistant paint, interesting fonts – these techniques are able to draw attention to the leaflets obtained from the printers.

Also, you should take care of the careful selection of employees to work on the distribution of leaflets. Effect even from the very best flyers will be spoiled if their hand will be involved employees irresponsible appropriate to their work.

And finally: where to order print flyers?

If you need printing services, to print flyers, just come to the printer “color formulas.” You will be offered an urgent offset and digital printing and printing flyers on the most tempting prices.